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 At Allison McGeary Florist, we work as a team to produce beautiful and creative celebrations. If you are passionate about events and are interested in joining the team, we’d love to know more about you! Please complete this form for consideration.

We are currently seeking to add incredible individuals for the following positions: Set and Clean-up Crew, Freelance Designer.

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All About Me
We want to know what makes you...YOU! (Hint: There are no wrong answers. Different jobs require different skills!)
I love flowers
Working with others is fun and rewarding
I like to have everything carefully planned and check-listed
I like to go with the flow and am view changing parameters as a welcome challenge
Creativity is one of my strongest skills
Organization is one of my strongest skills
I love customer service and interacting with lots of different people
Office management and Client interaction are my strongest skills
Sales and helping Clients find what they want/need is one of my favorite things
Production and delivery schedules are so fun
I can self-pace with assigned tasks to meet deadlines
A messy work space is a sign of creativity and part of the process
A tidy workspace makes me happy
Working with a variety of personalities is challenging but I enjoy it
A broom and dustpan are my friends
When I see something that needs to be done...I do it!
If all my assigned jobs are complete, I need a list of new tasks to focus my efforts on what is next
Cleaning wax out of used votives is my happy place
What do you want to do? *
There are a variety of job tasks you may be asked to complete. What do you want to do/are you able to do?
When are you available to work? When would you like to start?
What is your requested pay rate for the desired role?
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